Episode 138 - Real Cardinal

This week on Talking to Ghosts we had the always wonderful and generous Real Cardinal of Comaduster and Underfelt! We talked about the serialized release schedule the new Comaduster material is on with FiXT, navigating the threshold of what people will tolerate in terms of releases, and the difference between the Comaduster process and the Underfelt process. THEN we talked for a really long time about game development sound design and the steps to creating a new sound for combat weapons, elemental considerations, and the technical math behind it. Not to mention things like building tells into your sound design and having to consider the environmental storytelling you are trying to communicate to the player.

You can find all the new FiXT releases on the Comaduster page, including some stems packages and cool stuff we talked about towards the end of the interview.

Talking to Ghosts is recorded and produced by Michael Kurt and Wes Mueller.

Our fabulous 5-year anniversary cover is by Alicia Gaines of the great Chicago band Ganser.

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