Episode 88 - Terminus Round Table

This week is part 2 of a 2 part series that we did with the amazing folks of I Die You Die at Terminus Festival up in Calgary! We chat with HAEX about amazing guitar tone, Glass Apple Bonzai about Terminus revenge sets, and then just blabber on for half the episode with Sophie about French acts, Wrestling, baseball mascots, and who the hell knows what else.

You can find the first part of this crossover episode on the We Have A Technical Podcast from I Die You Die.

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Episode 87 - PIG and Julien-K

This week on Talking to Ghosts Michael talks to <PIG> and Julien-K at their show in Portland! Michael chatted with Raymond Watts about living and working in Japan, making music for fashion shows, and how PIG songs have made it into different projects he has worked on. Then! Michael chatted with Julien-k about their recording process, leading a successful fundraising campaign, and being in the restaurant business in LA!

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This weeks recommendations: 

From Wes: Bandcamp Daily's article on EBM by Andi Harriman

From Michael: Friends From College (Netflix show), A Ghost Story (Movie), Pharmakon (show)

Episode 86 - Aviator (Again!)

This week on Talking to Ghosts we have our good buddies Aviator back on the podcast to chat about their new album, Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me. We chat about tour van jams, the DMX vocal takes that were removed from the new album, and spend a lot of time on wrestling!

This is another long, funny interview so we skipped Poltergeists again. You can go and check out Aviator’s new album instead: 

Episode 84 - Technophobia

This week we sat down with the folks from swirly EBM-esque project Technophobia! We talked about running a non-profit label, putting on shows and club nights, very serious New Order fans, and a lot more!


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Episode 83 - Tender Age

This week we sat down with sort of grunge sort of shoegaze Tender Age! We talked about sold out first shows, hot dogs in every city, and the shifting of musical influences.


Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music by S. Alexander Reed

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