Episode 108 - Thor Harris

(this episode has been fixed! Thank you for writing in - mk)

This week on Talking to Ghosts we chat with Thor Harris before his Thor & Friends show here in Portland! We talked about being suspended from twitter, the subversive nature of kindness, and dealing with depression. 

Thor & Friends have a new album out called “The Subversive Nature of Kindness,” which is available now from Living Music Duplication

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Episode 100 - Amulets

This week on Talking to Ghosts, for a very special 100th episode, we have Amulets! We chatted about tape loops, the Goodwill Bins, and incorporating tapes into art installations. 

Theme Remixes: 

Intro - SOLVE | Transition 1: FIRES | Transition 2: Cryounit | Outro: Monomorte 

Thank you everyone for sticking around for 100 episodes, it means a lot to us! 

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Episode 99 - Michael and Wes Talk About Shows

This week on Talking to Ghosts we talk to each other about going to shows! We chat about our first shows, the craziest shows that we have been to, and what makes a show good for us. 

If you are planning to submit a remix of the theme song, this is the last week! Get them in before the 24th of January if you want to be included in the contest.

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