Episode 137 - Rodney Anonymous

This week on Talking to Ghosts we have the legend, the teacher, and the greatest fan Rodney Anonymous.

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We talked about so much stuff. So here are the notes we took during editing:

  • How to pick your opener

  • How to record an album

  • How to book a Bed & Breakfast in multiple countries

  • How to talk to Bruce Campbell

  • How to live in Philadelphia 

  • How your wife teaches Trash Knife to sing

  • How to offend big foot at a Canadian party

  • How to offend Yugoslavian werewolf hunters

  • How to find out you’re probably Yugoslavian?

  • How Last Tango in Paris signifies a real, real bad time

  • How your band doesn’t translate well in other countries

  • How American ruin visiting other countries

  • How The Damned is awesome

  • How to make reverbs in the cemetery, where you also picnic

  • How to be a tour guide for your local cemetery

  • How to peer pressure people into going into mausoleums

  • How to stay at the Lizzie Borden house with Cher fans

  • How to sleep well in murder homes

  • How did Carrot Top get so F’n ripped?

  • How Freddy Pompeii…

  • How the Dead Milkmen are really sad instead

  • How your dad almost died in the Steel Mill

  • How the history of food works

  • How food is from the family you grew up with

  • How to talk to crazy people on public transportation and what you’ll learn

  • How to KLF

  • How to cover Van Halen 

Talking to Ghosts is produced and recorded by Michael Kurt and Wes Mueller. Our fantastic artwork was done by Alicia Gaines.