Episode 124 - Thou

This week on Talking to Ghosts we have the final episode for 2018! Thou is an experimental metal band from Baton Rouge who put out a crazy number of records this year! We had the opportunity to sit down with Thou frontman Brian Funck after their run of two Portland shows to talk about working on records from different parts of the US, their various projects, and being a workaholic to keep things level.

Thou is out on the road near constantly and we highly recommend you check out all of their 2018 releases!

2018, what a year! I feel like sometimes people say what a year as a joke - I envision a CEO at the company party, toasting everyone for their great success - but this year has felt a million times longer than any year before. In this episode we reflected a little bit on how long the year has felt and lamented about all of the releases and shows we’ve already forgotten. There was an election this year? How many great albums have I already moved on from that came out THIS YEAR?

Thank you. Thank you is what we want to say to everyone who took the time out of their weird, long year to listen and support our podcast. We started this podcast, 4 years ago, to hang out with each other more and to provide interviews with people we enjoyed and this year has been full of some really, really good ones. We’ve heard from, and met in person, more fans than ever before! All in all, it’s been a great experience.

Here is a list of all episodes released in 2018 and the direct download links to the episode. Thank you to all of our guests on the show and to everyone who has shared or talked about the episodes.

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