Poltergeists: Week of March 7, 2016

Poltergeists is a biweekly feature in which Michael and Wes share tracks that they have had on repeat over the past two weeks.


Downfall of Nur - “II - The Golden Age”

Downfall of Nur is an atmospheric black metal band from Argentina that bases its concept on Nuragic civilization and the folklore of Sardinia, which makes for some very interesting imagery. In sound, Downfall of Nur would fit very well with bands like Agalloch or Wolves in the Throne Room. There are passionate movements in “II - The Golden Age” that draw from the kind of folk metal roots that I often enjoy, with a lot of traditional folk instrumental sounds in the intro and breakdown of the song. I like that people making black metal are not afraid to explore these areas of sound because it is something that I have always linked stylistically. Neofolk and black metal are two of my favorite genres because they both play heavily on the slow, almost morose feeling of certain musical tones. Downfall of Nur is a great example of this. Antonio Sanna has a firm grasp on the way these songs tie together tonally and is someone who I will definitely be following in the future.

Myrkur - “Den Lille Piges Død”

After re-listening to our interview with Muscle & Marrow, I decided to give Myrkur another shot -  this was a project that I gave a brief listen to but clearly wasn’t in the right mood for. Myrkur has a unique black metal sound to me because it is so rooted in traditional elements but often includes her incredibly operatic singing. I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole with Myrkur last week and am continually impressed by not only the music that is put out under the name, but the artist herself. She is incredibly talented! “Den Lille Piges Død” is a stand-alone track that is, for me, perfect. It has all the elements that I need to get hooked. I have found that I really enjoy a song structure that goes from chaotic and fast paced to a plodding, nearly half-timed melody. It has such an emotional resonance. This song is a great example of this structure.


Ganser - “Audrey”

“Audrey” is exactly the sort of track I want from a post-punk/goth rock sort of band. I really enjoy the tone of the guitar, and how it’s backed up by those pads whirling away underneath. While some bands of this ilk tend to drown their vocals in reverb or chorus, Ganser opens it up, leaving the vocals drifting clearly through the track, much to their benefit. The little piano riffs help to punctuate the track nicely. Overall the track has a great sort of flow to it; it really makes you feel like you could get lost, swirling around in its rhythm.

Antoni Maiovvi - “My Moon”

For those of you not familiar with Antoni Maiovvi, you should definitely check out some of his other work, especially the 2012 Stockholm Syndrome EP. This track is a bit different from the more italo/giallo tracks I’m more familiar with from Maiovvi; it seems to pull a little more from a sort of goth pop sort of a feeling. The little guitar licks remind me vaguely of The xx, while the percussion feels more rooted in the sort of techno feel I’m a little more familiar with from Maiovvi. The vocals are delivered in almost a whisper, in a way the feels almost threatening. The threat feels heightened by the way the bass sort of slowly builds into the chorus of the track. Regardless of the semi-threatening tone, the pads, percussion and bass work wonderfully together in a way that makes me want to go find a dance floor.