Poltergeists: Week of October 19, 2015

Poltergeists is a biweekly feature in which Michael and Wes share tracks that they have had on repeat over the past two weeks.


Die Sektor - “Your Deception”

DWA is re-releasing Die Sektor’s debut album, To Be Fed Upon, and it is chock-full with bonus songs from that era of the band and many new remixes! I am very excited about this release because To Be Fed Upon, along with Grendel’s Prescription Medicide and Wumpscut’s Bone Peeler, was an album that really shaped the way that I saw industrial music. The album is diverse and has a depth to it that I wasn’t able to find at the time - it really impressed me. “Your Deception” is a track that I often go back to with great pleasure. The elements that filter their way through the different breakdowns and verses of this song really are unique. Die Sektor also has a new single up this week called “These Broken Shields,” which is also on DWA, and amazing.

EMMX - “Shadow of God (You Love Her Coz She’s Dead Remix)”

I usually leave the steps, traps, and futures to Wes but this week I have been really dancing around to this track. Pulled from bandcamp’s “witchhouse” tag, this song also has some distorted bass and strange arrangements that make it stick out to me. This remix really reminds me of bands like Knife Party and Justice. It is definitely a departure from the original track, which I also like, with some filter-cuts and slowly rising claps.


Hinayana - “Pitch Black Noise”

I found this little album about halfway through this past week, and it has been on repeat since I found it (hat-tip to Majbritt Levinsen, my source for all the good metal I find). I love the slow, clean guitar riffs that start out the track; they provide a nice introduction to slow brooding riffs and orchestral underlays. The track also has a lot of movement in it; it is constantly changing progressions in ways that don’t seem to interrupt the flow of what’s already happening. Everytime the progression changes, it feels like Hinayana is building on an idea, moving it forward, rather than changing for change’s sake. The track is great, but definitely give the full album a listen; the track is even better in context.

KANGA - “Vital Signs”

I am looking forward to the upcoming KANGA release. The production on this track is super rad; the EBM bassline growls along quite nicely, the beat bangs, and the little dissonant piano touch in the background has a nice soft touch. Even the sort of guitar sound is nice, and I am generally not a fan of guitars mixing with synths. There’s some points where the vocals remind me of AAIMON a little but, but largely the delivery sounds a lot different from what I’m used to hearing, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a nice poppy take, without sounding out of place with the music.