Episode 120 - Halloween Special Episode!

This week on Talking to Ghosts we have a very SPOOKY Halloween special episode. We reached out to some of our friends and fans and asked for Halloween stories and got some great stuff back!

This episode features stories from:

Alex Kennedy from the fabulous website I Die: You Die (and the podcast they do called We Have A Technical)

Matt Fanale from Caustic and Klack and The Causticles and Beauty Queen Autopsy and Daddybear and who knows what else!

Eric Gottesman from Everything Goes Cold and every live band ever.

And Sophie.

Thanks again to all of our contributors! We might do this again next year and give everyone way more time to think about it.

Our next episode will be out on Monday 11/19/18.

All additional theme edits and spook-ifying by Michael Kurt

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