Poltergeists: Week of March 23, 2015

Poltergeists is a biweekly feature in which Michael and Wes share tracks that they have had on repeat over the past two weeks.


Poordream - “Proof”

I have been rocking poordream a lot this week. It was really hard for me to decide which track to choose for this post. I really love the title track “ninetynine” but “Proof” seemed to be a really solid choice for something to get your body moving on that dreary Monday morning. I love all of the elements that come in and out of this track. There is a real somber level of ambiance that flows so neatly underneath the breakbeat that keeps the track in check. The tribal elements are subtle and well distributed. I feel like this is one of those tracks that would play well over many different genres.

2Kilos &More- “après tout”

You know, I go to Ant-Zen because I know that I will love nearly everything that they put out and 2Kilos &More is no exception! I had not heard of this project before checking out their newest release, “lieux-dits,” on the Ant-Zen Bandcamp page. The introductory track is one of my favorite ambient tracks this year by far. The sense of urgency and the build up is wonderful. “après tout” (“after all” in english,) starts with a deep humming bass string and a slow beep and builds quite beautifully into this magnificent collection of noise and rhythm while still maintaining the somber glow of the track’s beginning. I liken it to 100Blumen (also on Ant-Zen).


Pony Plans - “Future Manuals”

Michael Treveloni, the self-described “unapologetically handsome one” in Alter Der Ruine, is releasing his solo debut on March 30, 2015. While it’s not available yet [ed. Now it is!], I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy from Mike, and it has been blowing up my shit ever since.  The music somehow manages to be polished, while also be intentionally rough around the edges. You can hear hints of I Will Remember It All Differently’s beauty, but it’s pared back and twisted to meet Mike’s depressive demands. The familiar leads meet crazy and wonderful sax riffs, distorted percussion, and wild tom fills. When this drops next week, I definitely recommend grabbing it.

EASTGHOST - “Wraith”

EASTGHOST is another one of those bands that doesn’t quite fall into goth scene. Hell, I don’t think they would even identify as on the edges of it, as some bands that may straddle the witch house/trap line might. However, within EASTGHOST’s sounds you can easily find elements that definitely play well with goth sensibilities - found sound noisiness, dark piano riffs, and deep, bassy kicks create an undeniably dark tone that would mix well with a slower, witchier set. In “Wraith” these dark sounds are mixed with more traditional trap elements, such as slowly arping plucks and triplet high hats, creating a moody, evolving piece.