Poltergeists: Special Animal Bodies Edition! Week of May 3, 2015

Poltergeists is a biweekly feature in which Michael and Wes share tracks that they have had on repeat over the past two weeks. This week, Vancouver's Animal Bodies took some time to lay out some tracks that they've been bumping.

Them Are Us Too - "Eudaemonia"

We played with Them Are Us Too a few weeks ago and I have been listening to this ever since. Everything about this song is absolutely beautiful. Music that you can close your eyes too, feel yourself floating through and be reassured by is such a rare and special thing. During my adolescence, it was terribly easy to fall in love with so many songs and feel a personal and deep connection with them. Those songs put their arms around me, comforted me and pulled me into them in a way that made me feel like I made as much sense as they did. As I left my adolescence behind it became harder to share those same moments with music. Maybe my understanding of music changed; perhaps it became too analytical, too jaded… Or maybe life’s distractions and interruptions managed to get in the way too often. Maybe I just listen to too much shitty dance music now. Whatever the reason, it feels like that kind of song happens less despite my love of music not having faltered since I was a child. This is one of those rare and gorgeous songs that I feel entirely comfortable and understood in. And they’re wonderful people to be around.

Beta Evers - “Don’t Be Afraid”

We listened to Beta Evers often while driving from city to city on our last tour (along with a great deal of other more unmentionable, secret music) and it made for some wonderfully hypnotic night drives. This song in particular has stuck with me. There are a few synth basslines that I wish I had written: Jam On It (Newcleus), Lightning Man (Nitzer Ebb), Closer (NIN) and this one. The leveled tension that is characteristic of her songs is perfectly played out in Don’t Be Afraid and gets me totally tranced out everytime I hear it. And that soft, flute like repeating melody...

Hard Corps - “Desolation Land”

Hard Corps never received the success they deserved when they were active. For all the great bands that have based their sound entirely around the use of synthesizers, few understood how to use them like Hard Corps did. Their ability to program, layer and mix the electronics is something I rarely hear from synth based bands to the degree that they could. The sounds they coaxed out of their instruments swim elegantly between each other and blend into the perfect balance between sequenced rhythms and pure soundscapes. The science and art behind sound design on a synthesizer is often underestimated and overlooked. So too is the possibility to develop your own style of sound with an instrument that has the potential to be so unique but is often just made to sound like a few easily recognizable machines and genres. Hard Corps made their instruments sound like Hard Corps. As it should be.

Technotronic - “Pump up the Jam”

Lately whenever I start drinking (often) I go for this song first. What’s not to like? A full, pounding 909 kit and a fairly unique sounding synth bass. Technotronic was a studio based group that spawned from the Belgian New Beat scene in the late 1980’s. I don’t have much else to say about this song other than to state the obvious; there are clearly some hidden messages buried deep within the complexities of the lyrics. And the video is pretty sick.

Poltergeists: Week of February 23, 2015

Poltergeists is a biweekly feature in which Michael and Wes share tracks that they have had on repeat over the past two weeks.


Animal Bodies - “Lies in Your Eyes (Tribute to Snowy Red)”

I am going to lose all of the goth points here, but I had no idea who Snowy Red was before hearing this cover of “Lies in Your Eyes.” I think honesty is important to our relationship, and I just wanted to get that off my chest. Also, I stole this from Alex Kennedy of I Die You Die fame, who posted it this morning on Facebook and completely ruined what I had lined up for this article. This is the kind of goth rock that I enjoy most (or whatever you kids are calling it nowadays) - it has the perfect amount of squealing guitars, distant vocals, and electronic elements to put me into that blissful avalanche of sorrow. Really good work.

High-Functioning Flesh - “Confuse The Call”

I really like this track because it brings back a lot of old school feelings for me and really encapsulates the things that I first liked about this type of music. It had the kind of cheesy synths that I liked so much while maintaining a brooding and aggressive facade. HFF were just added to this year’s Canadian summer camp (Terminus Festival: Velocity,) and I know they will just kill it there.


O. Children - “The Realest”

In “The Realest”, O. Children manages to produce a sound that mixes influences from Rome-esque neofolk with a more traditional post-punk feel. There’s an interesting melancholy to the song; at time it makes you want to feel upbeat, that there is hope in the world, but that hope is pulled from under you by not quite brooding verses. The song feels personal, in a way that a lot of music doesn’t seem to feel lately.

Light Asylum - “Skull Fuct”

Somehow this song manages to not do a whole lot, but still manages to stay interesting through out. Repetition of claps, repetition of synths, repetition of vocals all work together to build a feeling of intensity that never lets up. Maybe it’s the martial feeling of the kick and clap rhythm, maybe its the not-quite-but-sort-of growling vocals, but the intensity that builds up quickly at the beginning carries through.


Episode 21 - Animal Bodies

This week, we had the pleasure of talking with Animal Bodies! Well...I say we, but really it was just me, Wes, as Michael was out of town. It was a super fun conversation, in which we talked about the difficulties of touring, why Jack White is the enemy of all indy vinyl pressings, and I think their may have been a conversation about Madonna's snares.

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