Poltergeists: Week of June 13, 2016


Autogen - “NFx2”

Latvian producer Kaspars Kalniņš is no stranger to the noisier side of music; he formerly released under the name Rosewater, which I will inevitably cover here in due time. “NFx2” is an interesting track because it is a collaboration with Erica Synths, a modular synthesizer manufacturer in Latvia. The crazy modular, bitcrushy noise elements that filter through this track work incredibly well. If the noises were by themselves, I couldn’t say that I would love listening to them, but with the syncopated beats and different bass elements, the track really comes together. This is not to say that this song sticks out from the rest of the album though; tracks like “Sub Terra” and “Momentuum” have a lot of really unique sounding noise elements mixed with a strong, driving rhythm section.

Autogen’s newest release, Antigen, is available now on the Audiotrauma Bandcamp page.

Letzte Ausfahrt Leben - “Obsession

Letzte Ausfahrt Leben (German for: Last Exit Life) is a rhythmic noise project that has a distinct atmosphere underlying every track. The faster, more traditionally noise tracks are intense and uncompromising. “Obsession,” however, is my favorite track from the Without Control album because it shows a large amount of restraint in the way that old Manufactura would. The album is brutal. It is unrelentingly crafted rhythmic noise. But this track, slow and somber throughout, is a beautiful step away. While Without Control is only the second album released on Germany’s Raumklang Music, Letzte Ausfahrt Leben has had more than a few independent releases. This album, however, shows a lot of growth in sound and production value. It is a lot cleaner than most of the previous releases in terms of sound quality.

Letzte Ausfahrt Leben is the solo project of Nina Heibling. Without Control is her second full-length album out on Raumklang Music in Germany.


Vainaja - “Kultti”

Usually when I’m listening to metal, I can’t get into the stuff where vocalists are trying to go as low as the human throat possibly can. For some reason, despite this vocal style, I’m finding Vainaja a lot of fun to listen to. It’s interesting; there’s nothing particularly special about this band. Much of it feels very typical, but it is done so well within its self-set boundaries that I can’t help but rock my head along to the slow, heavy riffs.

One thing I can say sticks out to me with this group, however, is commitment to a theme. Their album is based around the idea that they’re an evil cult from the 19th century Finnish country-side that was supposed to have been burned on a church altar, and that the album is the long lost gospel of the cult’s leader. A commitment to theatrics can be commendable when it adds to the tone of the music, and it certainly does here.

Vainaja is a Finnish doom metal group. Their latest album, Verenvalaja, is available on Bandcamp.

Patterns - “Fireface”

This is the week of music that is just fun to listen to apparently. Fireface is a poppy, disco-inspired track. Synths, guitars, and belted vocals work in unison to create a slow track with a great groove to it despite its slow tempo. I really enjoy how Patterns mixes different types of instrumentation; in one phrase, the bass is big and synthy, in others it is a more restrained bass guitar. Guitars are complemented by electric pianos and pads. I’ve listened to this track so many times, that I have to buy it before I can listen to it again; that’s how much I have been loving the upbeat feel of this track.

Patterns is a indie-pop/nu disco group from Costa Rica. Their latest release, Shout EP, is available from their Bandcamp.