Poltergeists: Special Voidstar Productions Edition! Week of September 7, 2015

Poltergeists is a biweekly feature in which Michael and Wes share tracks that they have had on repeat over the past two weeks. This week Kathleen Chausse of Voidstar Productions shares tracks she’s excited about for Voidstar’s upcoming festival!

Author & Punisher - “Cauterize”

The first time I saw Author & Punisher live was at Halloween Industrial Festival in 2012. I was working door for the event; I was also making funny faces at the guy who was across from me at the band merch table. I went into the main room to check out the performance of who was on. The guy I was making faces turned out to be Tristan of Author & Punisher. I stood there in awe of how he became a machine. It was a fascinating transformation. I went to see him again years later in Burlington. His show evolved and included visuals beyond himself. It was still brutal. His sound was so massive it made the paintings shake. Fast forward to Cold Waves festival last year. Even in a massive venue, he owned the room and your attention. I'm excited to have him back at a Voidstar Festival and to hear new material from his latest album.

End.User - “Path of Violence (Submerged Remix)”

End.user is one of the acts that really stood out to me at C.O.M.A 4 festival. That festival was the first industrial festival I attended. It really opened my mind to the different genres and sounds in our thing. I remember dancing so hard to Iszoloscope and get punched in the back of the head three times and yet still dancing my hardest. I remember panting for breath after that, then End.user went on. I forced myself to keep going and dance right through. Now, it feels like it's become full circle. From the first festival to booking him for a festival! At this performance, End.User will be joined by Kurt Submerged of Ohm Resistance label as a special treat for the festival!

High-Functioning Flesh - “The Deal”

Voidstar booked a last minute show with High-Functioning Flesh on their first tour to the east coast. It was really great seeing that show come together and getting to experience their energetic stage presence. It confirmed our plans to book them at the festival. When we announced that they were playing festival, Jared, one of DJs, requested hearing this track on our event wall. Here's a small shout out.

Edward Ka-Spel & Mark Spybey - “Self-Loathing by Numbers“

Mark Spybey was one of artists at the last Voidstar festival. I spent the weekend telling him awful puns. Somehow, he ended up finding it endearing. He was kind enough to gift me one of the 7’ singles. Edward Ka-Spel has such unique delivery in his vocals, and if it's not his vocal delivery that catches you he'll get you with the lyrics. Ka-Spel is always bringing interesting poetry to the table which compliments Mark Spybey's signature ambient soundscapes. I'm looking forward to having this artist, and seeing how long I last before making a bad pun.