Poltergeists - Week of October 20, 2014

Poltergeists is a biweekly feature in which Michael and Wes share tracks that they have had on repeat over the past two weeks.


Chrysalide - “Keep Calm”

“Keep breathing, you’re strong, I need you beside me.”

The new Chrysalide album Personal Revolution is everything that I knew it would be! It is unique in sound and presentation and maintains a constant message that I wholly support. When we spoke to Chrysalide they said that they were turning this album inwards into their own personal issues and focusing on changing themselves at the roots of the problem - which is the only way to combat something - personal revolution.

“Hold on, Hold on even if your world is fucked up.”

This song is catchy and brilliantly executed, I really love all of the elements that come in and out of the mix. From the spoken vocals, to the robot overdub, everything falls into place just right to create somber chaos.

Chrysalide - “Question Everything”

Another Chrysalide track! I love it so much. This was the first preview track released from the new album and honestly I was kind of worried that it was so different than the last album, but I see now that it fits so well with the sounds used in the rest of the album and that it is a great song to preview because the message is not only meaningful, but an example of what the album will be primarily about.


Chrysalide - “We Are Not Cursed”

Y’all know I had to talk about the new Chrysalide. It’s no secret that Chrysalide is one of my favorite acts out there, and I’ve said many times that I think Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.

I’ve listened to the new album over and over since they sent us a review copy, and for the most part I love it. I chose this particular track to highlight because I think it represents the whole of the album fairly well. Chrysalide is excellent at building danceable tracks that blend in enough interesting sound design to keep them exciting, and this track is no exception. The lyrical content reflects the themes of the album - the need to self reflect, responsibility for the self before demanding change from the outside. These themes threaten to be over trodden, but Chrysalide manages to breathe life into them by keeping the song personal and genuine, rather than as a flag of pretension.


Guys, BADBADNOTGOOD is my jam. They released their third album, titled III earlier this year, and I have been bumping it on repeat since I finally picked it up last week. Then, I see that they put out a single, “Velvet” on Soundcloud. And folks, I am a sucker for those snappy, grooved beats and that sharp electric piano. I am a sucker for those whining horns, and that clean bass. I love how the song starts out with kind of a quick groove, a move that sounds like it would work for the opening theme of a family show in the mid 80s. I love how that transitions into a song that wouldn’t be out of place in a dystopian John Carpenter movie in the middle. And I love how it flips the script again, moving into an e-piano solo that, with increasingly frantic drums, just drives the whole thing home. If you haven’t checked out BADBADNOTGOOD yet, take this opportunity.