Episode 100 - Amulets

This week on Talking to Ghosts, for a very special 100th episode, we have Amulets! We chatted about tape loops, the Goodwill Bins, and incorporating tapes into art installations. 

Theme Remixes: 

Intro - SOLVE | Transition 1: FIRES | Transition 2: Cryounit | Outro: Monomorte 

Thank you everyone for sticking around for 100 episodes, it means a lot to us! 

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Episode 99 - Michael and Wes Talk About Shows

This week on Talking to Ghosts we talk to each other about going to shows! We chat about our first shows, the craziest shows that we have been to, and what makes a show good for us. 

If you are planning to submit a remix of the theme song, this is the last week! Get them in before the 24th of January if you want to be included in the contest.

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Episode 98 - The Body

This week on Talking to Ghosts we talk to Lee Buford, who is one half of The Body. We chatted about playing with bands outside of your normal, designing and screen printing their own shirts, and the difficulty of touring with a choir. 

The Body has a new record out in 2017, and 3 new records coming up in 2018 (including a collab with Uniform). You can find all of their music on The Body Bandcamp

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Episode 97 - Jason Walton (Khôrada, Snares of Sixes, ex-Agalloch)

This week we talked to Jason Walton, who you may know from Cascadian black metal legends Agalloch, his upcoming new project Khôrada, or his even old noise project Nothing! We chatted about the beginnings of Agalloch, going from bars to huge festivals, the importance of clean socks, and how Khôrada will be different from his past work.

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Remix Our Theme!

For the Talking to Ghosts 100th Episode we would like to reach out to friends and fans to remix our theme song!  

There are no restrictions on genre or style, but please keep in mind that it is for a podcast where we talk a lot, so a nice fade out point at the end would be ideal.

Due Date: 01-08-18

Length: 15-20 seconds

Format: .wav

Notes: -3db room for mastering

Contest details:

The first place remix will be the main theme played in the very beginning!

For second place we will use the theme for transitions between segments.

Then, the third place remix will be used for the outro.

Please send a link to your remix (dropbox, Google Drive, etc) to: talkingtoghostscast@gmail.com with the subject line “100 Episode Remix”

We will link to your project in the description of the episodes and on our website!

Download remix kit here

Episode 96 - Patricia Wolf

This week on Talking to Ghosts we have Patricia Wolf who is a solo producer and part of the duo Soft Metals. We chatted about Variform Gallery, Max MSP/Pure Data, and the weird ways that people are affected by sound.

Check out Patricia’s solo work on Soundcloud or Soft Metals on Soundcloud. Be sure to check out her Facebook or Instagram for more of her work and live dates.

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Episode 95 - Blanck Mass

This week on Talking to Ghosts Michael talks to Blanck Mass before his Portland show! We talked about field recording and sample manipulation, touring with the new show, and creating an album that reflects the spaces that you are in. 

We also have a great review of the Blanck Mass show from our good friends at I Die: You Die. Definitely check out their podcast: We Have a Technical. 

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Episode 94 - Steve Gaynor (Episode 45 Re-release)

This week we have something a little different. We're re-releasing an older episode that we really enjoyed. Back in December of 2015 (wow, that long ago???) we talked with Steve Gaynor of Fullbright (makers of Gone Home and Tacoma). The recording starts a little after we started talking, so you catch us talking about living with studio mates. We talked about game design, finding inspiration, and bad vegetarian jerky.

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