Yes, the background of that graphic is a ghost horse in space. We wanted to establish up front - we are you. We have been there for Bramblepelt, for Peepum's Nasty Gum, for Spaghettageddon. We want you to know that we know who ated all the potato chips (it was Griffin).

We want you to know these things, because these things are why we got in the game. The Brothers McElroy soothed our work day ears over and over, and we wanted to do the same for others.

So a little about us. We talk to people who do cool things, like make the music we love, or make the comics we love, or run the bars that we love. And we try to do this in a way that isn't all inside baseball; we don't want to alienate anyone who isn't as into our thing as we are, so we try to just have really fun conversations, the type of conversations that we would want to listen to ourselves.

So please, dive in, give us a listen, and let us know what you think, one podcast fan to another. Of course, we'd love for you to subscribe on iTunes and share us with your friends, but more than that, we just want you to have a great time listening.

And remember, we're all just ghosts waiting to die.