Advertising on Talking To Ghosts is our primary source of revenue. Due to the style and content of Talking To Ghosts, all advertising in the podcast will occur in a segment that is clearly delineated from the interviews and editorial introductions and outros for the podcast. We do not accept money or other consideration as a condition to interview or promote an artist or company within the content portions of our episodes or blogs.


Personal and commercial messages are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. You can view this calendar to see if we still have advertising space available at a time that will work for you.

Personal Messages

A personal message has no commercial or promotional aspect to it. This could be something like “Happy Birthday, Barbara!” or “Eat a dick, Ron!” A personal message is not something like “Check out our webcomic!” or “Stack some soap in your soap®  with our soap, Soap that Stacks©!” Personal messages can be purchased for $30.

Commercial Messages

A commercial message is any message that has a promotional aspect to it. Advertising through Talking To Ghosts allows you to reach a constantly growing audience. When you purchase a single message, you are not only reaching the current audience, but new listeners who go back and listen to our archives. A one episode spot can be purchased for $100. Multi-episode advertising campaigns will have a separate pricing scheme depending on the length of the campaign.

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If you are purchasing a personal message, please include the message that you would like us to read. If you ever had a teacher stumble over your name, please add a pronunciation of it or we can make no promises. If you are purchasing a one time commercial message please include the name of your business or organization, a website, and a short message you would like us to read. For multi-episode purchases, please also provide how many episodes you would like to advertise across.