Episode 121 - SRSQ

This week on Talking to Ghosts we have SRSQ, who recently put out their project debut album on Dais Records. SRSQ is the solo project of Kennedy Ashlyn, who was the keyboard/vocalist for Them Are Us Too. We talk about the mental health of touring, home decorations, and how to make sad music while still living a functional life.

SRSQ is opening for Godflesh in Portland on December 5th.

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Episode 120 - Halloween Special Episode!

This week on Talking to Ghosts we have a very SPOOKY Halloween special episode. We reached out to some of our friends and fans and asked for Halloween stories and got some great stuff back!

This episode features stories from:

Alex Kennedy from the fabulous website I Die: You Die (and the podcast they do called We Have A Technical)

Matt Fanale from Caustic and Klack and The Causticles and Beauty Queen Autopsy and Daddybear and who knows what else!

Eric Gottesman from Everything Goes Cold and every live band ever.

And Sophie.

Thanks again to all of our contributors! We might do this again next year and give everyone way more time to think about it.

Our next episode will be out on Monday 11/19/18.

All additional theme edits and spook-ifying by Michael Kurt

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Episode 116 - Susan Subtract (Physical Wash, High-Functioning Flesh)

This week on the podcast we have Susan Subtract from Physical Wash, High-Functioning Flesh, and Branes. We talked about the evolution into Physical Wash after High-Functioning Flesh went on an indefinite hiatus, the writing of Culture Cut (and the gear), and meeting Sid from Schwefelgelb for the first time.

Physical Wash has a show coming up: Cold Waves LA Kick Off Party (opening for previously featured guest Rhys Fulber) on September 26th!

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Episode 115 - Uniform


This week on the podcast we have Uniform, an industrial noise project from New York! We talked about adjusting to the size of the Deafheaven tour, recording the collaboration album with The Body, and the sustainability of modern capitalism. 

Uniform have a brand new album out on Sacred Bones called "The Long Walk.

They will also be out on the road later this year with The Body (as a collective), Author and Punisher, and Street Sects! (which is very exciting).

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(Photo credit: Ebru Ylidiz)

Episode 114 - Lingua Ignota

This week on Talking to Ghosts we caught up with Lingua Ignota at the end of a long run with The Body. We talked about the rerelease of her latest album, the experience of a listener vs. the experience of a creator, and being accountable for your message.

You can find Lingua Ignota on bandcamp

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Also mentioned in this episode:

Episode 113 - Amenra

This week on the podcast we talk to Colin H. van Eeckhout of the blackgaze / ritual metal band Amenra! We chatted about the Church of Ra collective, writing a WWI memorial set for a special performance which included a bell tower, and evolving their music together without changing heart. 

Amenra has a number of great albums. The most recent, Mass VI, can be found on their Bandcamp, or right here:

Episode 112 - Eleri Harris

This week on the podcast we have comics journalist and debut editor at The Nib Eleri Harris! We spoke to Eleri about her long-form piece "Reported Missing", coming from a creative family, and writing for an American audience. 

Some recommendations from this episode:

- "The American Revolution's Greatest Leader Was Openly Gay" by Josh Trujillo and Levi Hastings

- "How To survive In The North" by Luke Healy

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